Wool - Willow - Rush

Below are examples of workshops I have run over the past,  I occasionally run workshops from my studio in Mid Wales, if you contact me I can add you to the list.  These are usually; basket making, garden structures, living willow, willow sculpture, rush hat making, please state which workshop/s you would be interested in.  I can also tailor for fun willow workshops for occasions like birthdays, etc. making flowers and simple sculptures.  These workshops are always limited to a maximum of 6-8 people depending on the size of the venue (needs a biggish space for willow workshops).

Basket Making

Basket workshops are usually delivered over two days as there is so much to achieve/learn, however, a one day workshop for a simple shallow fruit/veg/bread basket can be achieved in one day. Workshop attendance numbers are limited as a lot of space is needed to deliver these, usually no more than 6 people. Please enquire as to which type of workshop you would like for details. These can be run as private sessions for individuals or small groups and can be catered for in my workshop or a venue of your choice. These can be offered as a gift or run as a celebration for a birthday party etc. of your choice.


Weaving Workshops tailored to your needs, This is weaving cushion pads with simple technique sticks and warp threads, using sheep fleece as the weft. Other techniques are available. Commissions are undertaken, please enquire.


Willow Sculpture is always a popular workshop. There are no skills needed for this and is a simple process of building the structure of the thing you are trying to replicate or you can go abstract. Using soaked and mellow brown willow to create these striking pieces. Please enquire if you would like a workshop on this. Ideal for parties or celebrations.

Living Willow

Living Willow Community builds around the UK. All projects are different and can be tailored to your needs, I am happy to advise, design and do costings for your project. Including Arches, Fedges, Tunnels, Amphitheatres, Domes, and Arbours. Commissions undertaken, please enquire.

Rush Hats

I run Rush Hat Workshops occasionally. This is using common rush (not bullrush) which grows in flowing water and harvested and dried for use later. When needed it is wetted and ready for use with in a couple of hours. It is a lovely silky soft material to use when wetted. Please enquire for this workshop.

Garden Structures

Garden Structure workshops are tailored to your needs and you can create panels, plant supports, climbing frames, etc. Using soaked brown willow to create these lovely things. Tailored to your needs. Commissions are undertaken, please enquire if you are interested. 


Lanturn workshops are fun and you make more or less any 3D shape from willow and cover in tissue paper and then put led lights inside to light up your beautiful creation. Ideal for celebrations, community processions, or as a gift. Commissions are undertaken. Please enquire.

Hurdle making

Willow Hurdle making workshop.  Participants are making hurdles on a former to hold the uprights in place, with brown, green and coloured willows woven in to create these lovely interesting designs.  Completed in one day. Commissions and Workshops undertaken.